Protect California CRV

Our Mission:
We are an advocacy group that supports the health and sustainability of the CRV recycling center operators through influencing reform and legislation.

Our Vision:
Every consumer has access to a clean, well run recycling center where they can get their deposit back.

Protect CRV Refunds

Neighborhood Recycling

 Recycling Centers Are At Risk 

957 Recycling Centers 

Have Closed Since 2013

Recycling Centers Are 
 At Risk

957 Recycling Centers Have Closed Since 2013

Over the last several years, California has reduced funding for recycling centers.
Hundreds have closed making it harder for consumers to redeem their CRV refunds.
Without increased state funding and Legislative Support that makes it harder for other entities to arbitrarily shut sites down

more recycling centers will close

Here's What's At Stake


$1 Billion

in Consumer Deposits Reedeemed Annually


16.2 Billion

Containers Recycled Annually

CRV Recycling Centers


CRV Recycling Centers & Their Employees

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Protect CRV Issues Open Letter to CalRecycle

OPEN LETTER TO CalRecycle Director Smithline and Secretary Blumenfeld: (Read more here)More...

Media Release: rePlanet Closure

PROTECT CRV MEDIA RELEASE August 5, 2019 CONTACT: Jenna Abbott (916) 216 9501 rePlanet, California’s Largest Convenience Zone Recycling Operation, Shutters Entire Operation, Terminates 750 Employees Statewide. This morning we learned that rePlanet, California’s largest convenience zone (CZ) recycler, ceased operations shuttering 284 redemption centers and terminating 750 jobs effective immediately. (Read more here)More...

Media Release: Protect CRV Launches Working Task Force

On Thursday November 15th, Protect CRV (PCRV) launched a working task force designed to strengthen the small businesses that make up CRV redemption centers and support opportunities for consumers to redeem their beverage containers.More...

Urgent Need to Fix California's Bottle Bill

Our Executive Director, Jenna Abbott, wrote an opinion piece for Capitol Weekly. See it here: More...

Assembly Committee Approves Recycling Increase

Sen. Bob Wieckowski's bill to direct the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) to establish minimum levels of recycled content for use in the manufacture of all beverage containers by 2021 was approved this week by the Assembly Natural Resources Committee.More...

California Recycling Centers Form New Trade Group in Fight for Survival

PCRV's founding board includes executives from Ming's Recycling, rePlanet and Recycling Zone, along with Abbott (formerly of the California Resource Recovery Association). The group currently has more than 50 member companies and is actively looking to expand its reach. This new 501(c)(4) sprung out of a feeling that recycling center operators had no clear place in other industry trade associations when they may need it most. Due to a variety of factors, California's container redemption program has been in crisis for years and no easy solution is in sight to help turn the tide.More...

Judge Cans Controversial Fresno Recycling Ordinance

A Fresno County Superior Court judge has invalidated a city ordinance that would limit, if not outright close, numerous recyclers operating in the city. This is a massive victory for the recycling industry as it reverses the regulations the courts voted for last year in regards to closings. More...

Attorney General Becerra Files Criminal Charges Against Five Individuals in $80.3 Million Recycling Fraud Scheme

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced the arrest and grand jury indictment of five individuals for defrauding the state’s beverage container recycling program by creating fraudulent weight tickets for California Redemption Value (CRV) refunds. The five defendants personally benefitted from a recycling fraud in Sacramento County that cost the California Redemption Value fund $80.3 million. More...

New law will shut down many of Fresno’s can, bottle recycling centers

On Thursday, the council approved a new ordinance to seriously restrict how and where such recyclers – called CRV (California Redemption Value) recycling centers – can operate. More...

Pasadena’s recycling centers are disappearing. What does that mean for the city?

Recycling centers in Pasadena are slowly disappearing. The latest loss has left the once-bustling lot behind the Ralph’s at the corner of Walnut Street and Mentor Avenue much quieter. Before that, Caltech’s campus lost a community staple in November, after 40 years of operation. More...

Neighborhood Feud Over Recycling Center in Point Loma Part of Statewide Dilemma

February 19, 2018 Recycling center in Point Loma has raised the ire of local residents who say it has attracted some drug-addled homeless people to the neighborhood who litter and sometimes defecate in public. While many residents would like to see the center moved to an industrial area, those defending the business have said the neighborhood should rather address longstanding issues associated with homelessness head on.More...

Carlsbad Patch: Got Cans? California Couple Collects Recycling For Dream Wedding

January 30, 2018 - Virgen and Arnold, who have been together for 10 months, are collecting cans to save up money for an engagement ring and their dream wedding. The goal: $20,000. Arnold, who lives in Oceanside, said he got the idea of collecting cans from his grandfather. "My whole life, my grandpa has always collected recycling," said Arnold...More...

Monterey County Herald: Living Green: Buy-back program not dead, but close

November 23, 2017 - Right now, the only buy-back program for cans and bottles is in Marina at the Monterey Regional Waste Management District. That’s quite a way to travel if you live on the southern end of the peninsula, for instance, something that was pointed out to me recently.More...

Plastics Recycling Update: Calif. subsidy hike could stem bottle bill ‘crisis’

November 15, 2017 - Redemption center closures continue to plague California, leaving fewer convenient options for beverage container returns and contributing to a decrease in the state’s redemption rate.More...

San Francisco Chronicle: Recycling centers, squeezed by economy, seek help from State

August 4, 2017 – Ors Csaszar opened his first recycling center in San Francisco seven years ago with the hope of earning money while doing something good for the environment.More...

KABC: California's recycling rate takes major hit due to Statewide recycling center closures

July 13, 2017 - With fewer recycling options statewide, California's recycling rate has taken a major hit.More...

Los Angeles Times: Californians are recycling bottles less and less. Here's what's going on

July 4, 2017 – In a state that prides itself as a global leader in protecting the environment, recycling rates for beverage containers have dropped to their lowest point in almost a decade amid the continued closure of centers that pay for bottles and cans and the fallout from changes to California's recycling program.More...

San Jose Mercury News: Recycling centers continue to struggle, driving California recycling rates down

June 17, 2017 – In a state that prides itself as a global leader in protecting the environment, recycling rates for beverage containers have dropped to their lowest point in almost a decade amid the continued closing of centers that pay for bottles and cans...More...