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Anais Solorio, Mother with Young Children Who Recycle

I am a mom of 3 toddlers and yes we recycle. My children are 4, 2 and 2 months. The oldest two have the responsibility of rinsing out the plastics and aluminum and sorting them in the right bins we have in our garage every night. They enjoy it doing the task and I like that it has helped them develop great motor skills, it has given them a sense of being relied on and taking care of our community. They collect bottles and cans when we are our on walks. They understand all their hard work has a reward for them when the bins are full and we drive down to our local recycling center. The bags are offloaded by my kiddos and has become something we have enjoyed doing together. I try to instill good morals and values on my children because one day they to will be parents and I hope recycling centers will still be around so they can carry on the carrying gesture of loving and taking care of our planet.

Anais Solorio

Alice White, Animal Shelter Advocate

 We recycle bottles and cans to support our non-profit animal rescue organization.  We save animals that have no time left and who are abandoned on the street or at vacant homes. Please don’t shut down your wonderful recycling center at Ralphs market in Canoga Park on Shoup and Sherman Way.  The person there is always tremendously helpful and kind.  Your other Ralphs recycling center nearby in Woodland Hills are also great.
Alice White

Mary Ellen Bobp, Recycling Advocate

I live in Dana Point where we have only one recycling center.  Recently I was given written material from the people who work there that said they were under threat of being de-funded.  This is a tragedy because many youth organizations use this recycling centers as a way to fund-raise.  Schools, sport teams and other youth-affiliated organizations use recycling two things. They teach kids that recycling is right for the environment. The second thing is that it is an avenue to raise money for their academic, sport and recreational needs. The recycling center is also important to other members of the community. We have a harbor and many of the people who sail recycle their plastics instead of dumping them in the ocean. We also have a large population of marginalized people like the homeless who recycle for a little extra money.  Recycling solves all these problems and more. It also helps to keep our landfills plastic-free. Please save our recycling centers!

Mary Ellen Bobp

Linda Woodworth, Recycling Advocate

We used to have a recycling center by Smart and Final close to where we live. We watched individuals turn in bottles and cans and then take the received voucher and use it like cash for groceries. We went down to the one by Vons and viola, it was gone. There is a definite need our community for these centers in more ways than one.  This has become a mess for our area as now we only have one place near us to return our recyclables to. This has got to change!

Linda Woodworth

Mayra Ramirez, Local Recycler

Every month or so, I take my recyclables in and use the money I get to buy my personal items or sometimes food. This recycling center is near to my home within walking distance. The next closest center is a long way away to walk. I hope California’s recycling centers get the funds they need. People need the money and it also helps the environment.

Mayra Ramirez


Our Mission:
We are an advocacy group that supports the health and sustainability of the CRV recycling center operators through influencing reform and legislation.

Our Vision:
Every consumer has access to a clean, well run recycling center where they can get their deposit back.

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