Protect California CRV

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Distribute Flyers

You can help spread the word and grow California CRV Recyclers by downloading and distributing flyers to recycling customers at your recycling center. Or if you are a consumer, hand out flyers to your friends and family who recycle and encourage them to get involved. Download our flyer here.  You can also download our Spanish version here.

Tell Your Story

Are you a recycler worried about how you will keep your doors open? Or do you recycle your bottles and cans at your neighborhood recycling center and want to continue to do so? We’re looking for your stories to help educate legislators about why it is important to protect California’s CRV recycling infrastructure. If you are willing to share your story on our site, email us at and we will contact you.

Reach out to your Assembly Member or State Senator

Help us spread the word. Contact the legislators in your district. Let them know without increased state funding and Legislative support that makes it harder for other entities to arbitrarily shut sites down, MORE RECYCLING CENTERS WILL CLOSE.

Click here to find your California Assembly District and Legislator

Click here to find your California Senate District and Legislator

Help Advocate

Early in 2018, we will be engaging in legislative advocacy to help protect CRV. Stay tuned for how you can help ensure neighborhood recyclers stay in business and consumers can continue to have convenient locations at which to collect their CRV deposits.

CalRecycle News

2018 Mid Year Rates

You can also access the 2017 final handling fee final report here.

Our Mission:
We are an advocacy group that supports the health and sustainability of the CRV recycling center operators through influencing reform and legislation.

Our Vision:
Every consumer has access to a clean, well run recycling center where they can get their deposit back.

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