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James Westly, Recycling Employee

James Westly has worked for Millenia Recycling for the past three years and manages the on-site recycling operations at the Bloomington location in San Bernardino County. James likes his job and enjoys working outdoors and getting to interact with interesting people. He knows many of his regular customers by name. If the state doesn’t do more to help local recyclers, James worries what that will mean for him financially, and for his customers.

“I don’t think legislators realize what recycling means to local communities. For some, it is critical money that helps them get by each day. Some families save up their recycling and come in every month to get a little extra cash. We even have some customers who recycle simply because they believe it is the right thing to do, and they donate their cash to the next person in line who really needs it. If more centers close, it hurts people and communities, and certainly hurts employees like me whose jobs may be at risk.”

Our Mission:
We are an advocacy group that supports the health and sustainability of the CRV recycling center operators through influencing reform and legislation.

Our Vision:
Every consumer has access to a clean, well run recycling center where they can get their deposit back.

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