Protect California CRV

Mary Ellen Bobp, Recycling Advocate

I live in Dana Point where we have only one recycling center.  Recently I was given written material from the people who work there that said they were under threat of being de-funded.  This is a tragedy because many youth organizations use this recycling centers as a way to fund-raise.  Schools, sport teams and other youth-affiliated organizations use recycling two things. They teach kids that recycling is right for the environment. The second thing is that it is an avenue to raise money for their academic, sport and recreational needs. The recycling center is also important to other members of the community. We have a harbor and many of the people who sail recycle their plastics instead of dumping them in the ocean. We also have a large population of marginalized people like the homeless who recycle for a little extra money.  Recycling solves all these problems and more. It also helps to keep our landfills plastic-free. Please save our recycling centers!

Our Mission:
We are an advocacy group that supports the health and sustainability of the CRV recycling center operators through influencing reform and legislation.

Our Vision:
Every consumer has access to a clean, well run recycling center where they can get their deposit back.

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